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About us

It was a spontaneous idea to create this blog. I named it “potpourri” because it is a mixture into which – instead of dried blossoms, leaves, spices and wood chops – I have mixed my impressions from my trips, adding the aroma of exotic places and the recipes with interesting stories. I also consider travelling to be the spice of life and hope that this blend of travelpotpourri will inspire you too to travel and discover the world…

About me:

Ingrid My name is Ingrid. I was born in Slovakia but live in Vienna, Austria. I like travelling, taking photos, cooking and writing about all of this in the magazine of Slovaks living in Austria “Pohlady/Views” and for the lifestyle Slovak magazine “Miau”.

I also regularly write articles for the monthly supplements Magazine about the Books and the Cultural Life of the Slovak Daily SME.

Pohlady miau

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Robo is mainly my technical support. But he is the author of several books so he sometimes writes also for the blog. 🙂

Robert Róbert lives in Bavaria and likes travelling and making pictures. He has been a chief editor of the online magazine Sieťovka, a co-author of three novels and regularly writes columns about Germany for the monthly supplement about books of the Slovak daily SME.


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